About Susan

I’m an avid beader who loves to interact with people informally, and in a personal way, thus the title for my blog, The Chatty Beader. I’m a sensitive soul who likes to express myself through every color and with a variety of mediums. For me, this is a magical process, it happens when I’m outside working in my perennial garden beds or when I’m inside working with beautiful glass beads. Capturing the natural beauty of colors close-up and personal with the lens of my digital camera brings me great joy!

By the time I’ve photographed, named, numbered, and described a bead, or piece of jewelry, I feel like I’m on speaking terms with it!  Seriously, I am familiar with every charm in my collection, but most aren’t listed in the boutique… yet! It turns out that curating a collection is a labor of love that requires much patience.  I yearn to have more time to design but am having a bit of a time trying to balance my passions with time and physical limits. I haven’t hit my stride yet but I’m having a good time trying! A spark of creativity routinely produces endorphins which increase the quality of my life!

A friend joked that I have moved all my beads into a laptop. Sometimes I feel like I moved myself into the laptop too! You might notice that I am passionate about the color teal and the challenge it symbolizes. Raising ovarian cancer awareness is a cause dear to my heart. It’s a grassroots movement that has achieved great strides, especially during this year! For Teal Tuesday updates please visit my Facebook fanpage.

Be Well,

Susan Condon