Finding the Bright Side

My garden vista was recently swiped away by a freak October Nor’easter which split our 45 foot Bradford Pear tree down the middle. This romantic wedding gift was a beautiful part of our visual landscape for almost twenty five years. The gaping void has been filled with lots of bright light. When I noticed more sun pouring in I started seeing new color and design possibilities for the entire back garden. I was able to find the bright side of the loss. It’s probably not by accident that I sit in the sunniest room when I’m designing glass jewelry. Same goes for arranging euro beads into pleasing bracelet  combinations. Let there be light!

This month I experimented with mixing spectra glass and millefiori glass to make some very interesting pieces. The texture created from glass being poured and dripped onto glass intrigues me. I love the softness of the color palette and the variation in texture. Venetian millefiori glass has colorful flower patterns. Whimsical and cheery, the design possibilities are endless. The glass necklaces in my collection were inspired by the warmth of the late afternoon sunlight filtering through branches.

Autumn colors are the back-drop for Thanksgiving, a time when we give gratitude for simple abundances. There’s something comforting about those bright red, yellow, soft orange, deep greens and purples. My greatest pleasure is watching these vibrant and seasonal color palettes rotate and using this as inspiration to incorporate glass colors and patterns into my designs.

I soak in every nuance and shadow. Of course I notice that the sun sets earlier, but by the time the sky slips into darkness my muse pulls me into a trance, and I am once again centered. Playing with color helps me relax and stay in the moment. I hope you find many of those moments as you draw your loved ones near. Happy Thanksgiving!



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