Have You Tried Pinterest Yet?

Have you tried Pinterest yet? Two friends suggested I start using it, but I was reluctant to add one more social networking task to my daily routine. I thought it would be a total waste of time and zero fun. Was I ever wrong about that! I feel like a 2013_Orange Flower and Beadswhole new world has been opened up to me and I’ve only been using Pinterest for a month. I was amazed to see so much creativity in one place! It’s like a huge encyclopedia of visual knowledge with categories ranging from DIY to travel and beyond. You name it, you’ll find it, but you won’t feel like you’re browsing a shopping catalogue as most pins don’t list prices.

We’ve been down-sizing our attic during the past week. While in the attic today I discovered my huge notebook of carefully clipped magazine articles that I saved for ideas and future inspiration. How useful was this notebook to me if it’s been up in the attic for more than a decade? My “aha” moment came when I realized that I no longer needed to save things like this. Most information can be easily found on Pinterest and saved to one of my pinterest boards. Visitors to my site or boards can pin their favorites onto their own“Wish List” boards.

My website is a visual display of all the beads uploaded to the site. I can browse my photo files and find a charm quickly. Storage containers keep the charms in order. It’s the beads and jewelry not uploaded to the site that are particularly challenging to arrange. This time I went to Pinterest, searched “organizing” and found so many great ideas to choose from! If you haven’t tried it, step out of your comfort zone and check it out. Following people with similar interests makes Pinterest very visually engaging. I welcome you to visit my Pinterest.com/eurobeads/boards/ but I must warn you… browsing becomes addictive! Happy pinning!



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