How Many Shades of Green Do You See?

We’ve had snow in October and summer in March up here in New England!

You learn to keep transitional clothing on hand and then buckle up for the unexpected. This morning I walked in the gardens, looking for early signs of growth. Bursts of color appeared with the early blooms of Snow Drops, Lenten Roses, Daffodils, Forsythia, Weeping Cherry and such. But it’s the various shades of green side-by-side with the neutral tones of the garden bed that fascinate me.

How many different kinds of green can you point out on a quick trip outdoors? The spectrum runs from the bright greenish-yellow of early Day Lilies to the bluish green of the Spruce tree. I counted 27 shades of green in five minutes. I was ecstatic! My mind strayed to garden design; what I’ll move where and which colors I need more of and which need less.

Colors never overwhelm me. Quite the opposite! I immediately see patterns and color arrangement whether indoors or outdoors. It explains why I’m naturally drawn to gardening, photography, jewelry design, and working with the wide holed European glass beads and charms. This past month I was lucky enough to interact with many friendly new customers

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. It was so enlightening to hear their questions! Here’s what I learned:

  • Many people do get overwhelmed by too many colors.
  • It becomes tedious selecting colors and patterns that work together as a whole.
  • Many people don’t feel creative enough to design a bracelet for themselves, never mind for a gift.
  • Using the Wish List is helpful, but only if the beads are available by the time final selections are made.
  • Metric measurements are not intuitively helpful .

I’m glad I was given the opportunity to put myself in the customer’s shoes. I realize now that just because I ‘m fascinated by the many shades of green doesn’t mean you are! I’m always striving to exceed your expectations. I’ll continue to tweak the site and services so that shopping on-line is fun and efficient for you. Customer service is my mission! For digestible highlights of what’s up in the boutique follow us on Facebook:



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