Let the Creative Process Begin!

There’s still snow in our backyard, but I know that beneath the snow is a hidden treasure of perennial plants and bulbs. Everything is so ready to burst into spring! The days are lighter and last longer, allowing me to take advantage of the natural brightness when working with glass.

2013Glass FlowersThe women who bid on a group jewelry lesson at auction had gathered in my friend Nancy’s living room as she gave an interesting overview of glass jewelry. I loved hearing the enthusiastic questions. We moved to the dining room table and each took a seat. I was thrilled to see Nancy’s beads and findings laid out for us to admire. It was fun to hear the stories about how she came by them. I couldn’t resist asking to see her “bead room.” Nancy’s stuff was beautifully organized along the bookshelf on the wall. The desk below was a very neat workstation. It was perfect! I have to admit, I was completely jealous, but it inspired me to reorganize!

A friend, Allison, joked some years back that there were “pilers” and there were “filers.” I’m definitely in the “piler” category. My husband teases me about my “Susan piles” although admittedly everyone else in my family does the same thing. My piles are just more colorful! I need to see color to be inspired. So when I get in the mood to make jewelry I go with it. I like to ponder design ideas and keep beads on separate boards. I usually have about 10 boards going at one time. For me, the joy of working with glass beads is indescribable. I lose all track of time… and therein lies the rub. I never seem to have the time to put my stuff away.

It’s amazing what you can do when you are motivated! I’m still working on it, but I’ve already opened up more space in my studio and have found better ways to use it. In the process I’ve also discovered more beads and many pieces that need to be finished off and posted to inventory. I suspect the next few weeks will be fun. I’m ready to let the creative process begin!





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