Showered With Bridal Gifts

Celebrate Life's Transitions!

Celebrate Life’s Transitions! 

Recently, I attended a bridal shower for a dear friend’s daughter. From the moment we entered the beautifully decorated room, nostalgia crept in. I couldn’t help but wonder how we transitioned from young brides, to moms-of-the-bride so quickly. Looking around the room I noticed that my generation had moved a bit to the sidelines. It’s the first time I was fully aware of this transition! As the pile of opened shower gifts grew taller I marveled at where they would put it all. Of course this younger generation is at the acquiring stage of life. It’s as it should be.

My personal yearning for simplicity and less stuff begins a new phase in my life. My body may be older, but my spirit is still that of a younger version of who I am now. If there were no mirrors, then I would always believe that I was still young. It was a bonus to sit next to a long-time, dear friend and chat for a few hours that passed much too quickly. It was so nice traveling down memory lane as well as recognizing that there are still so many more good times ahead!

I won the centerpiece which was filled with colorful spring flowers. I had admired it from the moment we were seated at our table. My friend won the raffle! She has never won anything! The raffle prize included a beautiful coral shade of nail polish, exactly what I wore on my wedding day! The manicure gift certificate was to a salon I had visited in the past. Do you know what my sweet friend did? She gave me her prize! I went home feeling like a bridesmaid who just caught the bouquet! I made sure not to look at any mirrors that night. I didn’t want to lose the smile and glow of a young bride. Wedding showers are lovely traditions and I felt honored to participate.




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