The Color of the Month is Teal!

A recent post on my Facebook Fan Page caught my eye: “Susan, can I ask, have you had ovarian cancer or is this more a cause near and dear to you?” A valid question to ask since I’ve been doing so Teal Murano Charmmuch posting about teal charms lately. Teal is the symbolic color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness which takes place largely during the month of September.

At age 36 I had a complete hysterectomy. A month prior I had been in constant, agonizing pain, feeling as if I were in the last stages of labor. How does one not sound crazy describing labor pains when you are clearly not pregnant?! Turns out, my medical experience was the exception, not the rule. I was referred to just the right doctor at just the right time. He was so approachable, a good listener, knowledgeable, and a very thorough diagnostician. It also didn’t hurt that he was a fine gynecological surgeon and a true “old school” professional. The surgery left my body completely traumatized, but thankfully, biopsies determined that I was pre-cancerous.

How lucky I was to have access to my doctor so early on! I actually received “preventative” treatment and am so grateful that I was spared from developing ovarian cancer. At the same time I also feel a kinship and deep admiration for “Teal Warriors.” By the time many learn of their diagnosis, their cancer is in the later stages. My mom-in-law is now terminal after battling ovarian cancer for over 5 years. My sister died in April after battling bladder cancer for ten years. There’s a long and growing list of the many loved ones that I’ve lost to cancer.

It’s heartening to see so many Ovarian Cancer foundations spreading the word! During the past year I’ve included symptom cards alternately from Teal Toes, Inc. and Teal Toe AwarenessRibbons to Remember in the packages I send to my customers. I hope the cards get passed from one friend to another. Spreading knowledge is one facet of the work that needs to be done. Fundraising is also necessary for the Foundations to meet their mission. To that end, I carry a collection of hand-made European TEAL fundraising beads and charms. I donate 10% of proceeds to both organizations. Another website Fancy Scrubs sells teal clogs and teal scrubs to health professionals and donates proceeds as well. We both feel being involved brings more meaning to what we do. Although the official month for Ovarian Cancer Awareness is about to end, I want to keep the conversation going. This message is too important to limit information to just one month a year!

Be well!



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