What Are Euro Beads?

My best days always begin the moment I walk into my studio. The west-facing glass wall provides plenty of natural light and a perfect view of my perennial Magical Sanctuarygardens. This picture was taken in late spring. Can you feel the magic as the sun streams in? Each day I have a birds-eye view of the natural world. This private sanctuary is the one place where I can turn ideas into pretty glass jewelry. It’s also where I find inspiration coordinating Euro Beads into sets. Getting lost in the play of color is the easiest way to find my muse!

European bead charms are typically made from beautiful lampworked murano glass. These glass beads charms have wide holes and an inner core that is capped with Sterling silver or other metals.  These are not the craft beads used by glass jewelry makers. When I started collecting these European beads I was intrigued by their miniature form and charming beauty. By combining murano glass with a silver core, each bead is transformed into a unique piece of jewelry called a glass bead charm.  I had never before thought of a bead in quite this way.  I nick-named my growing collection, “Euro Beads” as an abbreviated form for European bead charms. I had no idea how trendy that term would become!

What makes my Boutique unique is that I have an enormous, eclectic collection of Euro beads sourced from hundreds of artisans.  The majority of my European bead charms are of universal size. That means they fit on a variety of necklaces and bracelets and can be mixed and matched, regardless of name brand. All measurements are included in the description section for each glass bead charm. Collecting Euro Beads is a fun past time.  Use the Wish List feature to keep a record of your favorites. If you find a charm you really love, buy it now as there are no guarantees the bead will be in stock at a future date.

Now that you know what a Euro Bead is you can join in the fun! “Like” us at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Euro-Beads-Boutique/159690330732711 By doing so, not only do you qualify for a one-time full purchase discount of 15% you will get the “head’s up!” on the newest inventory.

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Susan Condon


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