Why Do You Collect Murano Bead Charms?

It occurs to me that I’ve been a “collector” all my life. Some notables on the list: Barbie Doll shoes, Girl Scout badges, Scholastic books, pen pals, beads, Christmas ornaments, etc. If you’re a baby boomer, you’ve probably collected some of the same things. Most childhood passions I outgrew, but my love for collecting Christmas ornaments has never wavered.

I wax nostalgic every year as I listen to Johnny Mathis croon my favorite Christmas carols. Warm memories fill my heart as I unwrap and examine each beloved Christmas ornament. I can tell you exactly how I came to possess each one and how it relates to my life and family. I smile as I finish arranging the ornaments on the tree. I’m comforted by the love and memories this life-long collection holds. I feel blessed to have a tangible way to connect to another place and time. It’s no longer just a hobby, it’s an integral part of the way I celebrate Christmas every year. It’s definitely one of my most avid interests! Isn’t that what collecting is all about?

We enjoy finding tangible symbols to mark the milestones in our life. Collecting European murano glass bead charms is a modern and timeless way to memorialize those special moments. Many jewelry commercials this holiday season reminded us how happy this meaningful and sentimental gift would make the lucky lady receiving it. Much like the ornaments on my tree, the bead charms arranged on a bracelet can beautifully display the story of your life. And unlike Facebook, you won’t need to have a timeline to do this!

Before I sign off, can I ask you a little favor? Would you leave a comment telling me your favorite murano charm colors? Your input will help me choose which color combinations to focus on next. I look forward to hearing from you!




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